Formed in 2007 by cellist Gerald Peregrine and violinist Paul O’ Hanlon, the Mobile Music Machine are a classical music education company, who specialise in delivering high quality, string ensemble workshops to school children around Ireland.

Our classes are delivered by the finest classical musicians working in Ireland today, and are high energy , interactive and engaging, for children of all ages. Through artfully curated workshops, we cover all areas of the music curriculum, and bring music to life for children and teachers alike.

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Gerald Peregrine. Co Founder


The purpose of the ensemble is to bring cost effective music education into the classroom, and to allow children the opportunity to experience live performance in an informal setting. We aim to normalise the experience of listening to live music form an early age, and break down pre conceived ideas of the art form, without comprimising the content or the quality of the performance.


Through artfully arranged programmes, we introduce the instruments, talk about sound, rhythm, harmony, melody, emotion and listening. We also touch on the lives of the composers with fun and informative facts. We provide the school with an advance information package prior to our visit, which enables the children to work on making home made instruments for use during the workshop.

We frequently perform family concerts in the National Concert hall, Dublin, and have partnered with Music Generation, and many local arts offices around Ireland to deliver our workshops.

For more info, contact: info.mobilemusicmachine@gmail.com or phone: 00353 87 1010903