We spend our days travelling the highways and byways, all around the globe. Our primary goal is to share our passion for music with every boy girl in Ireland! Today we may be in your town and pay you a visit. Hey Presto- we will transform the classroom into a concert hall. Sit up and listen, meet the instruments, become a conductor, sing a song, bang the drum- and let us take you on a musical adventure! We will travel across the world and far back in time to meet the composers. We involve every child in our workshops, and actively encourage questions. Ask us everything you want to know about music- How do you fit that cello on a plane? What’s it like to record music in a studio? Who was that Mozart fella anyway- and just what is a symphony while we’re at it??? We tailor our presentation to the age of the class, and impart our knowledge in a fun and enthusiastic manner. Our goal is to let our music do the talking!